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Seeing Sparks May Not Be A Good Thing

on 2017-03-23 07:39:00


Sparks between two people? Yes! Sparks coming from an outlet inside your home? Not so much. Learn more about the reasons outlets spark and when you should and shouldn’t be concerned. 

Normal electricity: Sometimes a spark, if it happens infrequently, is simply a result of the fast, hot power of electricity – similar to static electricity. This is normal and not a cause of concern. 

Short circuit: A short circuit is when an electrical circuit allows a current to travel along an unintended path. This can cause the insulation to melt and wires to be exposed, which can be dangerous and cause a fire. Be sure to have a professional electrician address the issue immediately. 

Water damage: Water and electricity don’t mix. Exposure to water can trigger a spark in a circuit or short it out. Be sure to use a ground fault interrupter (GFI) outlet so it will shut down the circuit if exposed to water to avoid a fire. 

Old cords and plugs: Outlets wear out over time and connections will loosen, increasing the chance of a short circuit and potentially a fire. Be sure to also replace old appliance cords and plugs that could be frayed and cause outlet sparks. 

Sloppy repairs: Always be sure an experienced electrician maintains and repairs your home’s electrical system. Negligent repair jobs can result in dangerous problems such as outlet sparks that lead to fires. 

If your outlet sparks each time you plug something in, it is likely a cause for concern. Contact Genesis Electric today to identify the problem and quickly replace your outlet for an affordable price. 405. 651.0680