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Items to Consider When Purchasing A Generator

on 2017-01-02 08:50:00

GeneratorItems to consider when purchasing a generator

Your Needs assessment

When considering a generator, the first thing to assess is what your individual needs are in the event that you experience a power outage. For many, a few outlets and heat; for others, the comfort of knowing that you can continue on with your life as you normally live it without interruption. Having a clear understanding of your wants and needs is essential to choosing the right system for you and your household. A free in home consultation from Genesis Electric, LLC will provide you not only with a no obligation estimate, but a clear vision of how you picture your life with no utility power.

Gas/Electric meter location

Are your gas meter and electric meter in close proximity to each other? Do you know what or where these are on your home? Determining site location of your standby generator can depend greatly on where and how close your gas and electric meters are to each other. While distance from the electric meter is important, distance from the gas meter can be of much more importance when determining site location for your standby generator. Generac’s requirements for sizing gas pipe increases dramatically the further your generator sits from the gas meter (source). Generally, the most ideal situation is for the gas meter and electric meter to be in close proximity to each other.

Gas Pipe Sizing

Generac is very specific about two things – 1. Gas pipe sizing and 2. Clearance. As previously mentioned, the further your generator sits from the gas meter, the larger your gas pipe needs to be to meet Generac’s requirements for functionality and warranty purposes. It is very important to size these correctly. Just because your generator exercises and runs does not necessarily mean that it will operate the same way under load! Sometimes an undersized or under pressured gas line will allow a generator to start but not carry the load of appliances or equipment you may be running in the event of an outage. This is another reason why it is so important to have an authorized Generac Dealer install your generator.


Generators are outdoor only equipment. All generators produce exhaust fumes and Generac Guardian Series generators are air cooled units which means extra precaution must be taken to ensure that maximum air flow around the unit is possible. Guardian Series units must not be closer than 18 inches from the outside wall of the house on their back side and should have no obstructions within 3 feet around the rest of the unit. Due to exhaust fumes, the generator should not be placed within 5 feet of operable windows or doors. Also, generators should not be placed under any awning or overhang that is less than 48 inches above the top of the unit. Genesis Electric, LLC can help define these parameters during an in home consultation.

Where to purchase?

While Generac does not actually specify who may or may not install your generator (other than a licensed electrician), an Authorized Dealer will know not only the electrical codes associated with generator installation but Generac’s specific requirements and specifications as well. Authorized Service Dealers, however, are the only ones authorized to perform service and warranty work on you Generac Standby Generator. Genesis Electric, LLC is and Authorized Dealer to distribute, install and service Generac Standby Generators.

How often does it need maintenance?

Genesis Electric, LLC have all of the maintenance schedules required for proper operation and warranty. These schedules can also be found in the back of your owner’s manual.

How long is the warranty?

Generac offers a limited 5 year warranty as long as your unit has been properly installed and has had a proper maintenance schedule. An additional 10 year warranty is also available through Genesis Electric, LLC.

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